East Lake Creek Trail

Fueled by a late lunch of sushi and jasmine tea, I decided to hike a couple miles of the East Lake Creek Trail near Edwards, CO on a whim about thirty minutes before I actually arrived at the trailhead. Googling “hiking trails near Edwards, CO” after learning my girlfriend would be spending the night in Denver, I was excited to see that a 25 mile round-trip trail called East Lake Creek was a mere six miles from my apartment. Continue reading


Wildwood Harvest

Its week six of our six week trip and we have already left the farm we went to after Land of Arches. The farm, Wildwood Harvest, was located in Wildwood, GA about 15 minutes south of Chattanooga, TN. Wildwood Harvest was way more than I could have hoped for in a first WWOOFing experience. Continue reading

First Week of WWOOF Trip

I’ve been meaning to write a summary of my WWOOF experience for the past couple weeks, but just haven’t had the motivation to sit down and start it…until now.. I wanted to keep a blog about my experiences both to inform those interested about my whereabouts and whatabouts, but also to give others who might be interested in WWOOFing an insider’s perspective. For those who have never heard of WWOOF, Continue reading