San José: Take Two

Since Katie decided to fly home early from Costa Rica and I accompanied her to the airport, I once again found myself in the capital city of San José. My previous stay there found me unimpressed and eager to move on. This time was a bit different. Continue reading


Accommodation in Thailand – Hotels, Guesthouses, & Hostels

Planning your first trip to Thailand? Wondering what your accommodation options are? This post discusses the three most common styles of lodging in Thailand. For each category I include relative expense, privacy, security, and overall experience. At the end of the post, I discuss a few tips relevant to all who visit this country. Continue reading

Costa Rica Thus Far

I wanted to write a quick update for friends and, even more so, family. It turned out to be not so quick, so I added a bunch of pictures for those seeking the abbreviated version.

As of today I have been in Costa Rica for about 11 days. Until now I had been traveling with my roommate from the last year, Katie. Being extremely homesick, she decided to fly home today a little earlier than planned. Here is a snapshot of our adventures the past week and a half. Continue reading


The Best of Thailand’s Coffee, Beer, and Street Food

If you are planning a trip to Thailand, there is nothing you really need to know before you go. Throwing yourself headfirst into a new country and culture with little to no prior research or planning is my preferred method of travel and usually yields the most interesting memories and valuable lessons. If this is not your preferred method, then Continue reading